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Q&A: Workers Compensation In Beverly Hills, California

Do I Really Need To Purchase Workers Compensation?

As a business owner, it is imperative that you protect your team from various threats they may be faced with. That being said, no matter how sound your safety measures are, accidents happen and it is how you recover from these misfortunes that makes or breaks you. When it comes to learning about workers compensation in Beverly Hills, California, we hope this information Q&A helps you understand your responsibility in seeking this essential protection.

Understanding Workers Compensation In Beverly Hills, CA:

  • Am I required to purchase workers compensation? Each state has its own laws and regulations surrounding workers compensation insurance requirements. In California, you are required to purchase this essential policy, even if you only have one employee. Some independent contractors without any employees are even legally obligated.
  • What workplace injuries are covered by these policies? Any injuries that take place whenever the employee is working for the company, even if offsite, is covered by workers compensation. Many workers compensation policies also cover occupational diseases and illnesses that are caused by their employment.
  • What treatment do injured employees receive through my policy? Typically, any medical costs and necessary treatment is covered by workers compensation insurance.
  • Are there any additional benefits my injured workers will receive? Income replacement is also typically included for temporary and permanent injuries if their injury prohibits them from working and receiving an income.
  • How can I keep workers compensation costs low? Simply enforcing rules about safety in the workplace and running regular safety drills can help to reduce the number of workers compensation claims that you file, making your coverage more affordable.

Contact Medwin Insurance Agency in Beverly Hills for all of your California business insurance needs. Allow us to help you maximize your organization’s protection with workers compensation insurance that covers you and your team.

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