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How Crash Test Ratings Affect Your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Beverly Hills CaCrash Tests Conducted By The IIHS 

Each year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) runs crash tests to determine the safety factor of new cars on the market. The rates associated with these crash tests is a good indicator of which type, make, and model of car to buy. Likewise, insurance carriers determine rates based on the crash test rating of the car you drive. Gathered is a list of the different types of tests they perform and how they may affect your rates:

  • Front, Rear, & Side Impact Tests – These tests simulate how both you and your car will react to a heavy hit from each direction. This test helps insurance providers determine the chance of injury occurring and the severity of vehicle damage in an accident.
  • Rollover Tests – Insurance providers look at this test because it determines how your vehicle will maintain its structure in a rollover accident. If your car does not have the capability to return to right side up after a rollover accident, it will likely be more to insure since these types of accidents are extremely dangerous.
  • Electronic Stability Control Tests – Cars with well-performing electronic stability control systems are able to react and recover from incidents on the road with ease. Since electronic stability control systems have the ability to reduce the risk of accidents, inherently reducing the payout end for the insurance provider, your car will be less to insure when systems are favorable.
  • Low Speed Crash Tests – The IIHS tests low speed crash tests as well, because your design determines how much a minor fender bender would cost. Insurance carriers are looking for models that sustain little to know damage in these crash test settings.

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