Beverly Hills Auto Insurance Rates

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Auto Insurance Premium

Beverly Hills Auto Insurance Rates

Despite popular belief, you have the ability to take control of your auto insurance premium. Cars are a large investment in your life and can become very expensive with monthly payments, repairs, oil changes, registration fees, fuel costs, and of course, auto insurance. Therefore, it is important that you save money whenever you can. There are a variety of factors that are in your control. Take these 5 helpful tips into consideration to reduce your auto insurance premium:

  1. Drive Safe – Driving safe is not only better for your personal safety but your auto insurance premium as well. Each accident you get in will increase your monthly premium substantially. Each traffic violation will also increase your insurance premium. Driving safer and slower will help you significantly.
  2. Skip Monthly Billing – When you pay month-to-month, you don’t save. When you pay one annual or bi-annual payment, you will save a significant amount. Automatic withdrawal may also offer the same benefits.
  3. Bundling – Combining your policies could result in a 15% discount on your monthly bills.
  4. Plan Before Purchasing a New Car – Before purchasing a new car, be sure to talk with your insurance agent about how the model of the car will affect your premium. You don’t want to take on a new car payment and a boost in your insurance all at once.
  5. Drive Less – When you’re on the road less you are less vulnerable to the dangers of the road. Reduce your mileage per year and you will receive quite the discount.

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