Earthquakes: Are You Fiscally Prepared?

If you live in California, earthquakes are pretty much a fact of life. In some places, they actually happen every day, even if we don’t notice them. However, when one does occur that we pay attention to, such as the one that happened on St. Patrick’s Day, we may not have the financial protection we think we’re paying for. Here’s why.

When you sign up for a basic homeowners insurance policy, you’re paying for protection from things that may happen in your home like an accidental kitchen fire or a burglary. Natural disasters like a forest fire or an earthquake are NOT covered! That takes either an additional policy or what is known as a “rider policy” which you’ll pay extra for to give you financial protection.

If you’re not sure if you have the insurance protection you need, Medwin Insurance Agency to make sure you have the full coverage you expect. For those in the Los Angeles, California area, earthquake preparedness means making sure you have earthquake insurance!

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