Beverly Hills Homeowners Liability Insurance

How To Protect Yourself from Social Host Liability

Beverly Hills Homeowners Liability Insurance

The holiday season is here which means you may be ready to send out the invitations to your holiday party. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of homeowners forget about their liability risks when sending out the invitations. Social host liability laws can leave you responsible for any damage your partygoers cause. If one of your unruly guests decides to drive while intoxicated after your party, this can prove to be extremely consequential.

Before you break out the decorations just yet, it is vital that you contact your homeowners’ insurance agent to determine if your liability insurance will suffice in protecting you from any party-related issues. Some homeowners’ insurance policies will actually specifically exclude alcohol-related claims. Even if you do have sufficient coverage, it may not be enough if you are faced with a lawsuit relating to an incident from your party. In order to receive peace of mind that a damaging lawsuit such as this will not put you in financial hardships, you must obtain an umbrella insurance policy.

Like everything in life, there are risks associated with the fun of hosting a holiday party. Therefore, there is no reason to cancel your party plans just because of the liability risks. Rather, simply confirm that you are protected and minimize risks. Simple preventative measures and the right protection can allow you to enjoy your party with peace of mind.

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