Extend Your Vehicle’s Life With Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

If you, or someone you know, has ever lamented over having a vehicle break down almost immediately after its warranty has expired, you’ll know why Mechanical Breakdown Coverage was created. These policies are often referred to as extended warranties and they apply to both new vehicles and pre-owned vehicles. There are also plans that apply specifically when you are leasing a car or if you are in the process of buying out of the lease.

There are also various plans available to suit the type of vehicle and, most importantly, your budget. You’ll be happy to know that Mechanical Breakdown Coverage is often far less expensive than other extended warranties.  We offer a variety of plans from which to choose including those that would cover virtually of your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical components.

Medwin Insurance Agency is an independent agency offering residents of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas the very best in auto insurance coverage from premier carriers in the industry. For a no-obligation quote, contact Medwin Insurance Agency today.

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