Earthquake Insurance Beverly Hills CA

Seek Earthquake Insurance Before The Next Big One!

Earthquake Insurance 101

There are so many perks we Californians get to enjoy by living in this beautiful state, but unfortunately, earthquakes come hand in hand with the California lifestyle. As scientists continue to encourage us to prepare for the next big one, it is important that homeowners take their home’s security into their own hands. Since your homeowners insurance policy will not cover any earthquake damage, it is important to seek the policy that will best protect your home.

To receive coverage for damage caused by the ground’s shaking, rising, sinking, and shifting, you must obtain an exclusive earthquake insurance policy. These policies cover damages caused by earthquakes, sinkholes, mudflows, and mudslides. Both the structure of your home and the contents within will be protected under an earthquake insurance policy.

While you may be thinking about the price tag of an earthquake insurance policy, the extra premium each month is well worth the coverage you receive. Earthquake insurance premiums are determined by evaluating a wide range of factors, including:

  • The age and type of your home
  • If any earthquake-proofing measures have been made
  • Your home’s proximity to fault lines
  • The type of soil that your home is built on

Like any other insurance policy, your earthquake insurance policy will come with a deductible. If you live in an earthquake prone area, your deductible will likely be a minimum of 10 percent of your home’s replacement value. Therefore, you will be required to pay your deductible before receiving any compensation.

Contact Medwin Insurance Agency in Beverly Hills for all of your California earthquake insurance needs. Allow us to protect your home from the next big one with an exclusive earthquake insurance policy that maximizes your protection.

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