Earthquake Insurance for your Business

Protecting Your Investment With Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance For Your Business

The importance of earthquake insurance for your business cannot be stressed enough, especially as an organization trying to survive in California. There is little doubt that another big one will be heading our way shortly, emphasizing the importance of securing the protection you deserve. Are you one of the many business owners leaving your most significant investment vulnerable? Rather than running the risk of financial ruin and hardship, purchase earthquake insurance for your business!

Business owners operating firms of varying shapes and sizes must secure earthquake insurance. Despite popular belief, commercial property insurance simply will not cut it. While the basic perils will be covered by your standard policy, any damages caused by earthquakes will not be covered. This includes falling objects during an earthquake, sinkholes as a result of earthquakes, and damages to your business’ foundation.

To ensure that you are rightfully compensated for damage to your property, merchandise, and structural damages endured, you must obtain an exclusive earthquake insurance policy. These essential policies allow you to recover with ease from one of California’s most damaging disasters, as they provide you with business interruption protection, covering your lost revenue during the recovery process.

With a recent U.S. Geological Survey announcing that there is a 99 percent chance of California experiencing a 6.7 magnitude earthquake or larger within the next 30 years, purchasing earthquake insurance for your business has never been more important.

Contact Medwin Insurance Agency in Beverly Hills for all of your California business insurance needs. As a small business owner, it is imperative that you feel confident in your biggest investment’s security. We will help you protect your livelihood with earthquake insurance for your business. Don’t waste another day going unprotected – Allow the professionals at Medwin Insurance Agency to assist!

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