Girl Scout Cookies… There’s an App for that?

If friends, family, and even perfect strangers are stopping you on the street declaring, “Show me the Cookies!” it can only mean one thing. Girl Scout cookie season has either arrived or is about to arrive. If you’re like a lot of people, you may be wondering how to find out where to get a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies yourself. While you once may have had to know someone with a daughter in Girl Scouts, this is no longer necessary, as a Girl Scout Cookie Locator App has been developed for both iPhone and Android devices that will let you know exactly when cookie season is going to hit your area, and where you might be able to stock up on the cookies until they come around again.

Girl Scout cookies may seem like a small thing to some, but they are one of those little pleasures in life that seem to have a way of adding up and making people just a little more cheerful as they realize they get to go home at the end of a long day and grab a couple more of the famous cookies — all while helping the great cause of helping girls grow physically and mentally stronger.

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