How Does General Liability Insurance Help my Business?

A business owner will sleep better at night knowing that he has sufficient general liability insurance to protect his business property against litigation.  Many situations will fall within the coverage of the general liability policy.

  • Personal injuries incurred when people, other than employees, are present on the property;
  • Damage to property present at the company’s location and belonging to a third party;
  • Property damage incurred by neighbors when a tree falls or equipment collides with a fence or building belonging to another person or business;
  • Litigation expenses, such as settlement amounts and legal fees, will be paid from this aspect of the business insurance policy;
  • Claims of false advertising, which might include slander, libel or copyright infringement, are also covered.

Business owners are wise to supplement the general liability insurance coverage with an umbrella insurance policy, which can increase coverage limits by millions of dollars.  Insurance companies are encouraging this practice when business owners have millions of dollars in assets to protect.

Experienced insurance agents will asset threats to the property and assemble the best combination of property and liability coverage for the business.  Insurance premiums are more affordable than paying for significant losses out of pocket.

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