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10 Things to Know About Workers’ Compensation

Los Angeles Business InsuranceWorkers’ compensation is intended to protect your rights in the event that you are injured or become ill due to work duties. Injuries and illnesses must be in direct cause of workplace duties in order to be covered under workers’ compensation. Compiled is a list of 10 things you should know about workers’ compensation to ensure that you get the coverage you deserve:

  1. You must report all injuries and illnesses to the HR department of your company, your supervisor, or the risk management team of your company. Many employees wrongly assume reporting their injury to a coworker will suffice.
  2. It is important that in a non-emergency situation, you report to the medical provider covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. In an emergency situation, you will simply go to the medical provider that the ambulance takes you to.
  3. You should inform the medical staff handling your injury that you were injured on the job. That way they will send the medical bills to your employer, not you.
  4. All injury related information should be properly noted in your medical records.
  5. When you begin a new job, you should always ask to see your new employer’s workers’ compensation policy.
  6. The only time workers’ compensation coverage does not come into play is when horseplay is involved. However, even if you are at fault for an accident, such as cutting your finger, you will still receive coverage.
  7. It is imperative that you stay sober at work or you will not receive coverage.
  8. Since the state sets workers’ compensation payouts, you will likely have no problem receiving the coverage you deserve. Refrain from hiring an attorney unless completely necessary because they will take at least 20 percent.
  9. Don’t expect a big payout.
  10. Honesty is the best policy – Most cheaters that try to go against the system are caught.

At Medwin Insurance Agency, we want to provide you with the peace of mind knowing all of your assets are adequately protected. Contact us today and allow us to guide you through the process of purchasing an adequate business insurance policy. We are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding workers compensation.

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