Los Angeles Personal Article Floater Policies

Insure Your Valuables With A Personal Article Floater Policy!

Los Angeles Personal Article Floater PoliciesDo you have valuable items or property that you want to keep protected in case of an emergency or disaster? Most insurance policies do not cover extremely expensive or valuable items, because of their cost. That is what a personal article floater policy is for! Here are some things that this type of insurance policy can cover to help you see if getting a policy would be the right thing for you.

  • Jewelry: A floater policy insures most personal jewelry. If your jewelry item is worth more than one thousand dollars, an appraisal might be necessary to get it insured.
  • Furs: Fur coats and other items that may consist of fur or be trimmed with fur can be insured, even if the fur is an imitation rather than the real thing.
  • Fine Arts: This category includes private art collections that may have paintings, antique furniture, rare books and manuscripts, and other items. They are insured on a value basis, so if a loss occurs you get a payment for the amount of insurance for the particular item.
  • Cameras: Items like video recording devices, projectors, film reels and other camera items can be insured under a floater policy.
  • Musical Instruments: Personal musical instruments and sound equipment can be insured with each item getting a requested amount of coverage.
  • China/Crystal: Fine china or crystal items can be insured in case of loss.
  • Collections: If you collect stamps or rare coins, you can insure your collection.
  • Guns: Antique and modern guns can be insured to protect you from liability if they are stolen.
  • Golfers Equipment: If you are a golfer, you can insure your golfing equipment and even the golfing clothes!

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