Los Angeles Water Conservation

8 Water Conservation Tips for California Homeowners

Los Angeles Water ConservationWater conservation efforts are becoming increasingly more important with the severity of California’s drought. As a California resident, it is imperative that you do your part to conserve water. If each household were to reduce at least 20 percent of their water intake, our state would finally be able to rebuild itself. Reduce your water intake with these 8 helpful tips:

  1. Despite popular belief, hand washing dishes wastes more water than using the dishwasher, only if it is a full load of course. Many homeowners are stuck in the habit of rinsing their dishes before loading the dishwasher, this is unnecessary.
  2. Likewise, you should only use your clothes washer for full loads.
  3. You should set a date where you regularly test your home for leaks. This includes your faucets, toilets, etc. Use the food coloring method to test for leaks in your toilet.
  4. It is important that you adjust your automatic irrigation plan by season. You should set your automatic timer to go off in the early morning so that your lawn can best utilize all of the water’s nutrients before the sun steals it.
  5. Replacing your old appliances with energy-efficient models can not only help you conserve water but you may be eligible for tax benefits as well.
  6. Each minute you reduce your shower time saves gallons of water. If you can shave before entering the shower by rinsing the razor in the sink, you can cut your shower time in half.
  7. No matter how relaxing a bath may feel, showering wastes less water.
  8. Most importantly, be cautious of the environment and bring your reusable water bottle with you so that you don’t have to purchase bottled water.

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