Maintenance & Homeowner Insurance Beverly Hills Ca

Proper Home Maintenance To Avoid Denied Claims

Essential Home Maintenance To Ensure Full Coverage

Homeowners purchase insurance to ensure the protection of their most significant investment. While these policies will provide you with coverage after a wide range of perils, you may experience a denied claim if you fail to perform the proper home maintenance. Many homeowners are surprised to be faced with a lack of coverage due to failed maintenance. We want you to understand your responsibility when it comes to maintenance and homeowners insurance in Beverly Hills, California, which is why we have gathered a few essential guiding points to assist.

Maintenance & Homeowners Insurance In Beverly Hills, California:

  • It is important to note that your insurance carrier has the right to deny insurance claims if you have failed to keep your home in a reasonable state.
  • Do not make the mistake of assuming your property coverage will cover the costs of conducting the proper home maintenance. You cannot use your homeowners insurance coverage to fund your maintenance and repairs.
  • As a homeowner who has neglected some important home maintenance, you may want to get some work done this summer. The warmer months of the year provide you with more flexibility and ease in conducting some essential home maintenance measures. Make a list of tasks you have been neglecting for some time now so that you can conquer them before fall’s arrival. We recommend adding the following few to your lists:
    • Your gutters and downspouts cannot protect your home from water and flooding if they are filled with leaves and debris.
    • If you have let your tree branches become nearly uncontrollable, you will want to hire a tree cutting service to trim back all branches, hedges, and trees to reduce hazards.
    • Your roof needs regular maintenance in order to prevail through varying circumstances and weather conditions.

Contact Medwin Insurance Agency in Beverly Hills for all of your California homeowners insurance needs. Allow us to help you eliminate the possibility of a lack of coverage so that you can be fully protected when you need it most.

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