Motorcycle Traffic Safety Tips

The most important safety tip for both motorcycle riders and automobile drivers encountering motorcycles, is awareness. Stay alert to the possibilities and anticipate what might occur.

Motorcycles are not as safe as cars for obvious reasons. They are small enough that they are harder to see, they lack physical protection for their riders, and there are no seat belts.

For the rider, motorcycle awareness involves leaving yourself a safety cushion and being ready to use it with little or no notice. For those driving cars, it is important to remember how hard motorcycles are to see when you are accustomed to relating to cars and trucks. The single greatest danger to motorcycle riders lies in not being seen by motorists.

Motorists in cars:

1. Look for and expect motorcycles in traffic.

2. Make SURE your blind spots are clear.

3. Remember that lives are in your hands.


1. Leave yourself a safety cushion and an escape route in all situations.

2. Remain fully aware of your peripheral vision.

3. Maintain forward visual focus 3-4 seconds ahead.

4. Expect that you will NOT be seen by motorists.

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