Protect You and Your Employees With Worker’s Compensation Coverage

There are many different types of insurance coverage a homeowner may need to consider over time. One of these often overlooked but extremely valuable coverage types is workers’ compensation coverage.

If you are a homeowner that employs a nanny or you occasionally hire an independent contractor for renovations on your home, workers’ compensation coverage may come in handy for both your protection and the protection of the people you are employing. This type of liability coverage ensures that in the event of some type of accident in your home while your nanny or other employee is on the job, you will not be solely responsible for any damages. This coverage is beneficial for both you and workers in your home. If your nanny is injured on the job she/he will be able to get the medial attention needed in a quick and efficient manner. On the other hand you will also be protected by the elimination of the possibility to be sued for the on the job injury. 

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