Red Light Tickets Returning to Beverly Hills

Avoiding Red Light Tickets in Beverly Hills

Earlier this month, the city of Beverly Hills made an announcement that all motorists must be aware of in order to avoid getting traffic tickets at red lights. Red light tickets are returning to Beverly Hills! There will be a total of 15 cameras at nine intersections throughout the city. For your convenience we have included a list of locations of the cameras below.

Red Light Tickets Returning To Beverly Hills:

— Wilshire/Whittier (east- and westbound)
— Olympic/Doheny (east- and westbound)
— Olympic/Roxbury (westbound)
— Olympic/Spalding (eastbound)
— Sunset/Hillcrest (east- and westbound)

— Beverly Drive/Wilshire (northbound)
— Santa Monica/Crescent (east- and westbound)
— Benedict Canyon/Sunset (north- and southbound)
— Crescent/Sunset (northbound and southbound)

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