Summer Safety Tips

Enjoying A Worry-Free Summer With These Safety Tips

Ensuring Your Child’s Safety This Summer

Summer break is a time for relaxing, fun, and making memories, but if you do not act with a safety first mentality, you run the risk of a ruined summer. We want you and your kids to be safe so that you can enjoy all that summer has to offer, which is why we have gathered a list of the most important summer safety tips for you and your little ones to follow.

Summer Safety Tips For Families:

  • Bugs, Insects & Ticks – Summer makes everyone more active and lively, including some bothersome pests! Make sure to put tick and bug repellant on your kids before they go on hikes and play in overgrown areas. It is also important that they are wearing the proper clothing that covers problem areas. Also, be sure to perform a tick inspection after any hikes your child enjoys.
  • Helmets – Even if your little one will only be taking a short bike or scooter ride, make sure they are equipped with the proper gear, especially a helmet. You should also wear a helmet to act as an example so that they understand the importance of wearing one.
  • Water Safety – Even if you have taught your child how to swim, accidents happen and constant supervision is the only way to act in a timely manner in these situations. Make sure that your child understands the importance of only swimming or playing near the pool when there is adult supervision.
  • Sun Protection – By far one of the most important, make sure your child is protected with sunscreen each and every day of the year. By instilling the habit to always put on sunscreen before venturing outside at an early age, you can help to ensure that your child continues to apply sunscreen throughout their lifetime.

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