Looking to get an Umbrella Insurance quote?


The litigious society that we live in today in combination with the unpredictable future emphasize the importance of seeking security under an umbrella policy. These vital safeguards protect the most important areas of your life from unexpected events.

Would you be able to cover associated expenses out of pocket should one of the following occur?

  • What if your dog bit your neighbor’s child because it felt threatened?
  • What if your mail carrier was seriously injured after tripping over a crack in your driveway?
  • What if your overgrown Oak Tree crashed through your neighbor’s house, leaving you to replace their entire roof?
  • What if one minor distraction turned into a severe car accident that left the other party injured in the crash you accidentally caused?

Unfortunately, your existing auto insurance or homeowners insurance policy may not be providing you with enough coverage from these common unforeseeable events. Umbrella insurance from Medwin Insurance Agency will help you remain protected from unexpected events such as these.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are ready to seek protection under the umbrella.