Who Is The Ideal Person That Should Get Umbrella Insurance?

The moment you hear your insurance agent talk about personal insurance such as an umbrella policy, you roll your eyes. You aren’t the richest person on the planet. You aren’t even on the top ten average middle-class income list. So why in the world might you need umbrella insurance?

There are several reasons. Umbrella insurance offers you extra liability coverage that goes beyond a regular homeowner’s policy or auto insurance policy. In fact, if something happens to your home or if you are involved in serious auto accident where you exhaust the regular policy limits, your umbrella policy will kick in to give you additional coverage.

People who may consider umbrella insurance are:

  • Oversees travelers who rent vehicles
  • People who loan their cars to others to drive
  • People who own their home, a vacation home or several rental properties
  • People who have a family with children
  • People who have recreational vehicles such as an ATV or motorcycle
  • People who have recreational structures that could pose a danger, such as a pool or trampoline

Just about anyone can benefit by an umbrella policy. Check the prices to get one that fits into your budget. For more information about umbrella insurance in Los Angeles, please contact Medwin Insurance Agency at 310-282-8331.

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